Undervisningsformer för blended learning/Undervisningsformer som ger studenterna valmöjligheter och kontroll

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Som student behöver man känna att man har kontroll över sin studie- och livssituation. Det är därför viktigt att studierna och de undervisningsformer och arbetsuppgifter som studierna består av ger studenterna ett visst utrymme och kontroll. Här är några exempel på sådana undervisningsformer och arbetsuppgifter.

Flexible approach to blended learning courses[redigera]

  • Flexible course hours

The mandatory parts of the course are divided into several different electable times, the times are chosen in a fashion that enables for all kinds of students to participate.

  • Flexible resources

All information about the course and all the resources are available at any time online.

  • Flexible geographic location

All the students are given the opportunity to attend all parts of the course from different locations.

  • Flexible topic selection

For a project work, the students are encouraged to chose their own topics. The framework of the project is regulated by the instructor.

  • Flexible assessment

One example of the flexible assessment is to give students opportunity to present their work any way they like. They can for example make an oral presentation, record a video, submit a written report, etc.

With these adjustments to any course design, students are given control over their study- and life-situations. These adjustments also lead to student-driven learning based on their own interests and strengths.[redigera]

I would like to provide the students with a sense of choice and control. To do this I would like them to each individually draft two questions regarding key concepts of Special Education. This would be done within the study group. In a google drive document, the group would then discuss their questions and perhaps edit them. The group would end up with at least 5 questions. In the next stage the groups would trade questions, answer the questions they have been given and then give feedback to the group that has answered their questions. This could be a way to make sure they fulfill that learning outcome.