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The Math template formats HTML- or wikimarkup generated mathematical formulas in the same manner as HTML based TeX formulas, which uses a serif-based font. The generated formula is displayed using the same-size font as the adjoining text. The template will prevent line-wrapping.

Use this template for non-complex formulas as an alternative to using the "math" tags: Mall:Tag.


Use this template to wrap an inline formula in wikitext. Examples:

{{math|''x''<sup>2</sup> + ''y''<sup>2</sup> {{=}} ''r''<sup>2</sup>}}
produces: x2 + y2 = r2
{{math|{{mapply|sin <i>π</i>}} {{=}} 0}}
produces: sin π = 0. The coding "<i>" puts italic font, same as "<var>".
'''{{math|{{frac|1|2}} − {{frac|1|3}} {{=}} {{frac|1|6}}}}'''
produces: Mall:FracMall:Frac = Mall:Frac. Note the triple-apostrophes have set the whole formula as bold.

Use of equals-sign[redigera]

If a single equals-sign ("=") is used, it will fail to render, instead showing "{{{1}}}". For example, the following template-coding would be invalid:

{{math|1 + 2 = 3}}
produces: , which is invalid code

To resolve this, either: (a) Start the formula with "1=" as in:

{{math|1=1 + 2 = 3}}
produces: 1 + 2 = 3, or else, (b) include the equals-sign in double-braces "{{=}}" as in:
{{math|1 + 2 {{=}} 3}}
produces: 1 + 2 = 3.


The following parameters are optional:

  • big=1 – This wil render the formula in a bigger fontsize, increased 156%.
  • size=font-size – Use this to specify your own fontsize.
{{math|big=1|1 + 2 {{=}} 3}}
produces: 1 + 2 = 3